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New Cast on knitting

This yarn is not just for grandma


By: Rebecca Kaufman, Current Staff Reporter

Hundreds of colorful skeins of yarn adorn the walls, and scarves, bags, mittens galore decorate Patricia's Yarns, a quaint knitting and crocheting store at 728 Washington St., between Seventh and Eighth streets in Hoboken. Owner Patricia Scribner, a graduate of Monmouth University with a degree in business, opened the store two years ago to pursue her passion.

"I wanted to own my own business and I like knitting, so the two went well together," Scribner said.

A relaxing commute

Scribner said that with so many commuters in this area, they want to occupy themselves while on public transit. "I think in this area you have a lot of people who want something to do while they are commuting," Scribner said.

Knitting is something that can easily be started and stopped and stowed quickly in a bag. It is a creative occupation, unlike a mindless video game or frustrating crossword. It provides a distraction from the daily annoyance of long commute.

Scribner, a Monmouth County native and current Hoboken resident, sees a lot of the local community in her shop.

"We get people mainly from Bergen and Hudson counties," Scribner said.

Special fabrics, trendy brands

Patricia's Yarns provides a unique light on knitting and crocheting, and an alternative to chain craft stores. Not only does the store have yarn in stock, but other items are sold, including books, accessories, yarn bags, needles and needle cases, wool wash, bag handles, and baskets.

 Every skein of yarn in Patricia's Yarns is unique - some are hand-painted, handspun, thin, chunky, soft, and coarse, and each yarn has its own identity and texture. Brands include Manos Del Uruguay, Rowan, Cascade, Blue Sky Alpaca, Dale of Norway, Cottage Industry, Trendsetter, Schaefer Yarns, Ozark Handspun, Frog Tree Alpaca, and many others. Prices range from $5.25-$45 for a single skein.

 Celebrity interest, knitting for babies

 Knitting has recently become popular among the celebrity community, which has caused rejuvenation in the once popular hobby. A-list actresses Julia Roberts, Uma Thurman, and Cameron Diaz knit to pass the time while on set.

 "There are lots of young new knitters and new moms. A lot of people want to make things for new babies and friends," Scribner said.

 Knitting for babies is not only popular in the community, but also Scribner's favorite.

 "I love to knit baby clothes. They are just always so cute and miniature when done. You can put something on a baby and it will always look cute," she said.

 Scribner also feels that women have started pursuing knitting again because they want to have a hobby.

 "I think that people like making things, having hobbies again. Years ago, women began working and stopped doing things at home like they used to," she said. "Now, women no longer want to be defined by their job and want something fun to do after work. There are also a lot of new yarns and lots of new things, beyond sweaters, to knit that are attracting a new crowd."

 Group classes

 For beginners, Scribner advised starting simple. "Get a book that explains things to you. Then find a pattern and start from there," she said.

 At night, Scribner offers various group classes, which gets students ranging from age 21- 71, but most commonly, people in their 30's. The basic Beginner's Knitting class that is offered is four two-hour sessions and limited to six students.

 In the Beginner's class, students learn the basics of knitting - how to cast on, knit, purl, increase, decrease, and bind off. Materials are included in the cost of the course, $95.

 After the beginners course, many different project classes are taught by Scribner. This summer, she offers several classes including: knitting socks, crochet for knitters, and choose your own project class. Prices for most of the project classes are $45, and the crochet for knitters is $30, not including supplies. Each class is limited to six people.

 In addition to the above courses, Scribner offers the "minnowknits project," which is a special class to make something for a baby or a toddler.

Scribner also offers private classes for those unable to make it to group classes or need individual assistance, which cost $50 per hour.


Patricia's Yarns is located at 728 Washington Street. They are open from Tuesday to Thursday from 12 to 8 p.m. and from Friday to Sunday from 12 to 6 p.m. For more information on Patricia's Yarns, visit, or call the store at (201) 217-yarn.



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